The Fellowship Tract League has always provided Gospel tracts free as the Lord provides to individuals, churches, and missionaries. Since 1978, the Lord has allowed us to print and ship over 4 billion Gospel tracts in over 85 languages into almost every country in the world; over 200 countries (including territories). We ship to anyone, with or without an offering, in the spirit of Proverbs 23:23 "Buy the truth, and sell it not."

The Fellowship Tract League still provides Gospel tracts free as the Lord provides. However, at this time we must ask for your help. Orders continue to increase but giving is down. For us to be able to have the funds to ship tracts, we ask that you please, if at all possible, help us with shipping cost. You can give a donation for shipping by clicking here

Please fill this form out completely. If you came to this page from the Tract page and need to look at the number of the tract again click the back button in your browser. When finished, please check your order before clicking the "Click once to send" button.  Please only click this button once to send us your order. Due to the number of orders we receive online, we ask that you only select a maximum of 10 different tract numbers.

Please note: Because we still have old tracts in stock, we cannot guarantee that you will get the new version of the tract until all of the old ones are gone. Thank you for understanding.

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If ordering from the Philippines: We are currently unable to send tracts to a PO Box in the Philippines. Please provide a physical address for us to send your order to you. This is only if you are ordering from the Philippines.

All foreign orders: The USPS has informed us that all foreign orders must have a middle name.

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