Our Purpose
The Bible gives every Christian the responsibility to take the Gospel to the whole world. God has ordained the local church to carry out His Great Commission.
The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. We believe the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Our purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God's people all around the world to fulfill His command.

Our Leadership
Pastor William Burrows was the director of the Fellowship Tract League for 5 years before becoming the Pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church in January 2013. The Fellowship Tract League is directed by Brother Chuck Stanbery, who is the Assistant Pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. Both of these men strive to serve the Lord faithfully in reaching lost souls here and around the world.

Our Production
Since the ministry began in 1978, our Lord has allowed us to print and ship over 4 billion Gospel tracts into more than 200 countries. Every tract printed by this ministry has been given away free of charge. At the present time, we are printing in over 85 different languages.

The Fellowship Tract League began operation in one room of the church basement with a single sheet-fed press. The ministry now occupies a separate 26,300 square foot building, and operates a full-color printing press that prints twice as many tracts per hour as the presses we had in the past.

Our People
The Fellowship Tract League could not exist without the faithful members of Fellowship Baptist Church. For many years, volunteers have gathered every Tuesday morning for several hours to break, band, and box a week's run of tracts in preparation for shipping. Their prayers, labor and financial sacrifices have made the ministry possible.

Your Participation
Please pray. Prayer is our single most important need. Our workers meet every morning for an hour of Bible reading and prayer before the day begins. The ministry's birth and growth have been in answer to prayer. Please pray with us and for us.

Please give. Paper is our single greatest expense. We order each truckload of paper by faith, trusting the Lord to provide. By helping to pay for paper to print God's Word, you will be laying up treasures in heaven. Many pastors have led their churches to include the Fellowship Tract League in their mission budgets. Many individuals give money to pay for a 500-pound roll of paper ($265) which will provide enough paper (this represents the cost of paper alone. Ink and other printing expenses are not included in this price) to reach 125,000 precious souls with a Gospel tract.

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